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Crochet Hobbes

19th, Nov, 2012 | 07:36 pm

By request, my first amigurumi:



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Il corpo delle donne - Italian short documentary

25th, Jan, 2011 | 06:47 am

A documentary which is subtitled in 6 more languages on top the original Italian, a look at the portrayal / exploitation of women on Italian TV and in particular their looks and beauty and how reality TV stars use their beauty as a pass to fame and success, how intelligent women who try to speak out look alien and irrelevant, how the programmes reflect society but also how they will drive and shape society. Tragic and fascinating.

My favourite quote: "Non togliermi neppure una ruga. Ci ho messo una vita a farmele."

"Don't take away even one wrinkle. I spent a lifetime making them."

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Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising

19th, Jan, 2011 | 09:32 am

Every now and then you just come across a Tumblr which is genius. Other LOL-y favourites of mine include:

What are your favourites? :)

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Alma on Vimeo

30th, Dec, 2010 | 01:29 am

A gorgeous animated short with the edges curling away from the darkness it hints at... featuring a little boy on a tricycle desperately peddaling (something I cannot help but associate with the Jigsaw puppet from Saw now). I love Alma's cosy little outfit as well, sad that the Rodrigo Blaas Vimeo account only has 2 videos on it, will be trying to find more of his work in future!

Do you have any great shorts to share? I attended the BFI's Birds Eye View festival earlier this year to celebrate women directors and saw a collection of international shorts which I greatly enjoyed. I should probably attend more of that sort of thing. Who wants to come to Short and Sweet with me?

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Mongolian Diptychs Tell of Profound Change: A Yin and Sim Chi Yin Talk About His Work

22nd, Dec, 2010 | 08:18 am


"A Yin is documenting his home province of Inner Mongolia. He is a self-taught anthropologist-photographer who has made it his mission to record the last of the nomads there. The phenomenal changes he captures tell the broader story of China’s transformation."

I don't always have time to keep up with the posts on NY Time's LensBlog but when I do pop back, or a friend shares a post, it always makes me want to lock myself up for a week and go through the archives. My first exposure to the blog was a feature on the dangerous childbirth situations in Guinea-Bissau.

(See it here, image 8 always kills me. It's quite gritty and tragic, just a warning).

A fantastic showcase of world-class photojournalism. Thanks again NYT!

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INCOMING!!! — Cute Overload

17th, Dec, 2010 | 06:08 am

One of the best internet cat gifs I have ever seen. Unidentfied Feline Objects!

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Sheena Iyengar's TED Talk: why she couldn't get sugar with her green tea

10th, Dec, 2010 | 01:22 am

"In this highly informative TED video, Sheena Iyengar talks about how the way different cultures perceive choice can affect performances and relationships. The talk starts with a story about her trip to Kyoto: She wanted sugar with her green tea, but the waiter told her that you're not supposed to have sugar with your green tea; when she insisted, she was told that they had no sugar. Then she ordered coffee, which--of course--came with sugar."

Another great TEDtalk about a multicultural society and how the US perceive their 'freedom' of choices to be the most advanced.

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SaucyDwellings on LJ

7th, Dec, 2010 | 08:27 am

An amazing community which is an immense resource for that next little decorating touch up you want to do or to brainstorm or (which is more often the case for me) simply to salivate and fantasise about the house that you will one day live in for years and years and which will be your reliable and safe haven as the days of life happen to you and are made by you. (As opposed to having moved at least once a year since something like 2002)., saucydwellings

They run regular reader-led polls and update their profile page with the sauciest, most inspired interiors.

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About Mew on Facebook

6th, Dec, 2010 | 07:47 am

Added this today while editing new profile on Facebook. It's as good a summary of me as any (in terms of answering the question 'Where are you from' and 'What do you consider yourself?')


Japanese enough to understand gyagu manga but not enough to know how to use keigo.

Italian enough to understand some Romanaccio (and St. Georgiano) but not enough to get Striscia la Notizia.

Taiwanese enough to crave tapioca drinks (珍珠紅茶) but not enough to read Taiwanese news.

Cambodian enough to have been to Mondulkiri and love Khmer food but not enough to watch Cambodian TV.

English enough to get most jokes about certain newspapers popular media but not enough to understand the cricket. Or enjoy custard on desserts.


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Spooky revisited with Emma

3rd, Dec, 2010 | 12:55 am

After a night going to her neighbour's exhibition opening and sipping a few wines with graphic designers and producers who chatted us up (I think), we walked home in the snow to go over some songs and start putting together a set for a gig early next year. Spooky only has about 3 chords so we were able to get some semblance of a song together over an hour or two!

Stay tuned for more.

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